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ID Card

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These RFID readers are easy to use, requiring no installation or support. In addition, they can withstand repeated handling and extreme temperatures from -20°C to 65°C. They can be used for various purposes such as access control, workstation authentication, group identification, etc.

We also offer products to protect and frame this technology such as the RFID protection case which will prevent any drift or hacking of your RFID card or badg

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) badges and cards are equipped with an NFC tag, an electronic chip that can store a large amount of data and be read quickly from a distance, thus avoiding contact between people. The RFID system is activated by a transfer of electromagnetic energy between the RFID transmitter and the badge containing the chip. The reading distance varies according to the frequency of the chip (low, high and very high frequency). The higher the frequency, the greater the reading distance.

These products are simple and practical and can be adapted to any environment (company, school, public institution…) RFID badges and cards are becoming multifunctional and indispensable, as they can be used as an electronic purse, an access pass to a photocopier, an access pass to the entrance of your buildings, to your work rooms or to your car parks.

Customisable RFID badges and cards

All our RFID products can be personalised with your information such as your logo, text, barcode, numbering in black or in colour. The printing is in high definition with high quality finishes. For added security, a holographic stamp can be added to certify the authenticity of the badge. It is also possible to encode your chip with encrypted personal data to guarantee the correct identity of the badge holder. As a result, you’ll have badges that reflect your company’s image, an important element in ensuring maximum security.

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